Education is one of the most important things in life. From kindergarten to high school and beyond, most children will spend their time learning and doing homework. The library can be a great educational partner to parents and children, offering more than books and reference materials. It also offers digital resources to help students with their studies, internet access, and educational databases. The links provided here are for students of all ages from preschool through high school. Parents may also find them useful in helping their children with using the internet, working on homework and in creating good study habits.

Study Skills

One of the most important thing to instill in children is study skills. Developing good study habits at a young age can contribute to a child’s success in school. Knowing how to study can also help children feel good about themselves and give them a sense of control over their school work. Parents can help by teaching children how to organize their work and by making the homework experience a positive one. Knowing how children take in knowledge – by listening, reading, or watching – makes a huge difference in how much they learn. Figuring out the best way a child learns can make all tlhe difference. Here are some sites to learn more about developing effective study skills:

Internet Safety

With more and more children using the internet for both academic and personal reasons, safety is a very important issue. The internet is a fun and informative place to explore, but sometimes users can run into trouble. Using technology wisely is important, as not every website or person can be trusted. Fortunately, there are ways to stay protected from the dangers out there, such as never giving out personal information. See these sites for more information about using the internet safely:


Math shows up in a variety of daily tasks, such as cooking and grocery shopping. It is one of the most important subjects a child will learn in school. It is not just an academic pursuit, but a vital life skill. Math is not always simple and does not come easily to everyone. Some students need extra help to understand mathematical concepts. Here are some resources to help students strengthen their math skills and knowledge:


Learning language arts includes more than just reading. Students learn about writing, spelling, and literature. English is another basic skill people use every day in a variety of ways. Literacy is very important in day to day life. Without the ability to read, a person would not be able to shop for food, cook, or follow road signs. For high school students, particularly those going to college, research and persuasive writing skills will come in especially handy. Here are a few links with some fun and practical ways to learn English, and use it in writing research papers:


The study of science includes many fascinating fields such as biology, chemistry, astronomy, earth sciences, and physics. Children will likely encounter all of these topics throughout their education, learning about some aspects of each in elementary and middle school, and then studying them in depth in high school. There are more resources than ever about science available online. The internet is a great way to keep up with the latest discoveries. Science is an ever-changing field and scientists are learning more about the universe every day. Here are some links with more information on general and specific sciences:

Social Studies

In social studies, children learn about community, different cultures and humanity. This also includes learning about government and geography. The internet makes it easier than ever to connect with others around the world, which makes social studies an important part of education. Understanding and appreciating diversity is vital in our digitally interconnected society. In addition, social studies sometimes encompasses human behavioral sciences, such as psychology and sociology. These are just a few sites to help students with their social studies: